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We Exist to Help Push UP Your English Proficiency .

iTTi School of English follows the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) standards to describe the language ability of a person. Depending on your needs, we will help you achieve your desired level.

What’s Your Goal?

Career Advancement

Unlock better job opportunities, promotions, and global career prospects through iTTi’s Business English course.

Master English

From children to young adults, master the four core skills with iTTi’s proven and effective English Proficiency Sessions.

Learn from Topnotch TEFL Teachers

Our TEFL Certified teachers are meticulously selected and come from a variety of backgrounds to match your specific requirements.

Key Focus Areas

Dive into a broad spectrum of learning areas in iTTi School of English courses. Our comprehensive curriculum ensures you acquire a well-rounded English language proficiency.

Maximize Your Study thru iTTi’s Learning Options

We firmly believe in the power of structured learning methods. That’s why we’ve designed various learning choices that align perfectly with your unique circumstances.

Group Online

Immerse yourself in the world of interactive learning with our Online English Group Class. Collaborate with up to 3 other learners, where dynamic discussions, expert guidance, and collaborative knowledge-sharing create an engaging environment. It’s an excellent way to enhance your English proficiency, connect with peers, and achieve your learning goals collectively.

1:1 Online

Unleash the potential of personalized learning with our 1-on-1 English Online classes. You’ll receive customized lessons from expert instructors, ensuring rapid progress, interactive engagement and feedback, and a flexible schedule. Have your class anytime, anywhere.

1:1 Face2face

Experience the power of personalized learning in our 1:1 Face-to-Face classes. This hands-on approach guarantees your effective language acquisition with real-time interactions and practical language applications. It’s the perfect solution for those seeking efficient and immersive English learning experiences.

What’s Your English Proficiency Level?


At A2, you’ll build on your foundation. Enhance your conversational skills, gain more vocabulary, and learn to discuss everyday situations with confidence.


At C1, you’re reaching a high level of proficiency. Dive into challenging texts, debates, and presentations. You’ll master idiomatic expressions, advanced grammar, and in-depth discussions.


Congratulations, you’ve reached the pinnacle. C2 means you’re near-native in English. Engage in academic and professional contexts, produce clear and coherent texts, and communicate fluently.

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